Korea’s pioneer company
developing masks”

  • Launch of DOBU MASK

    Shade of industrialization, unending pain,
    death sentence without date, pneumoconiosis

    Miners who laid the foundations for economic development in the 1970s groaned with pneumoconiosis because they did not have basic anti-dust equipment.
    So we developed an industrial dust mask to protect them, and that's the start of DOBU MASK!

  • Hidden Hero

    DOBU MASK was behind the rapid development
    of the Korean industry

    The main challenge was to protect the respiratory system even in the worst environment where harmful gases are generated.
    Time came to create a healthy industrial environment in Korea's construction, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.
    It is DOBU MASK’s technology that made it possible.

  • A Company That Saves Lives

    There is DOBU MASK that saves lives in the present era,
    where daily living space has become
    as harmful as the industrial site.

    Viruses, fine dust, and yellow dust have made it impossible to breathe with a peaceful mind.
    DOBU MASK helps protect your precious family from this harmful environment.


We believe that steady research and development is the only key to protect Korea and the world


“A company with 50 years
of expertise in developing masks"

  • 50 years of experience with highly skilled
    global R&D

    DOBU MASK's technology is recognized worldwide through steady research and development.

    Since its establishment in 1970, we have led the development of industrial masks to protect the human respiratory system at industrial sites, and we have developed health / prevention masks that protect people from harmful substances in everyday life. In addition, we continue to conduct research and development through the Asian Respiratory Research Institute, and publish research results on new technologies related to respiratory protection in various journals, including the International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP, 33 companies including the United States, Europe, and Asia).

    Beyond Compare

    Technology competitiveness that leading Korea and a leap into a top-notch small business!

    DOBU MASK's filter types and performance are distinguished, competitive in product design and convenience. DOBU MASK is always proud of its products and technology that protect people and enhances the competitiveness of the industry with a mission to grow into a world-class company.


DOBU MASK is always with you
where you breathe”

  • Masks to protect human body
    from virus, yellow dust, fine dust
    Disposable Respirator

    The Covid-19 virus, which has scared the whole world, is a deadly epidemic in the human respiratory system. In the future, it is necessary to wear a mask to prepare for various types of viral infections as well as yellow dust and fine dust that occur every year. DOBU MASK supplies consumers with the highest quality quarantine masks to safeguard the human body from various germs, including yellow dust and fine dust.

  • Masks to shield from worst harmful environmentsIndustrial Respirator

    Many workers are exposed to various harmful substances, such as toxic gases, in industrial sites where physical labour is needed. DOBU MASK is supplying industrial masks to major industries in Korea to safely protect the human respiratory system from harmful substances even in these worst environments.

  • A mask designed for emergency evacuationEmergency Respirator

    DOBU MASK supplies emergency evacuation masks used in emergencies such as chemical discharges or fires. The mask for chemical and biochemical products is specially designed to be easily portable and easy to wear because it must be used in such emergency situations with lack of oxygen, inhalation of toxic gases, and lack of visibility

  • Continuous investment in R&D to save human livesR&D

    DOBU MASK is promoting various R&D projects to develop the Korean mask industry, including the development of next-generation masks including high-tech materials and the implementation of new business models that combine Big Data and artificial intelligence. DOBU MASK will continue to grow as a social enterprise that contributes to the health of all human beings through continuous investment in the mask industry.


DOBU MASK Inc. Head Office 38-6, Hoean-daero, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea | TEL. +82-31-365-3350 | FAX. +82-31-365-3415